The Best Way to Outsource On-Demand Customer Support

December 6, 2022
A customer service representative with a headset smiling while assisting a caller.

Today's customer-centric environment requires organizations to quickly adapt to customer demand and needs.

This guide explores implementing on-demand, pay-per-engagement, customer support as the newly preferred alternative to the traditional hourly staffing model.

While there are many customer service providers to choose from, incorporating an AI-assisted solution that delivers suitable talent, on-demand, in real time, 24x7x365 can be a colossal game changer. Especially when compared to traditional BPO and in-house options.

Understanding the Customers of Today

As technology changes, so do your customers.

The speed in which we access information at our fingertips through the use of advanced technology has created a culture of instant gratification. This attitude carries forward into the perceived customer experience which makes adjusting to customer’s needs more important than ever.

An inability to keep up with customer inquiries and demand leads to lower customer satisfaction and higher churn rates resulting in lost revenue and a potential drag on your reputation. A recent report published by ZenDesk concluded that 61% of customers would defect to a competitor after just one bad experience. That number jumps to 76% if their second experience was also perceived as negative.

Today's businesses try to remedy customer demand challenges by hiring an in-house team or outsourcing to BPO service providers. However, this can create more problems than it's worth.

Let's delve into the consequences of both in-house and BPO-based customer support teams.

The Consequences of In-house and BPO Contact Centers

Whether you have an in-house or BPO-based customer service team, it's no secret that costs can be a large bottleneck for profitability. As customer service demand increases, you have to compensate for varying surges by hiring the right amount of staff for the right amount of hours. This approach can get costly, especially if your agents get paid hourly.

The next roadblock is anticipating the call volume itself. Spikes can occur daily, seasonally, or seemingly out of nowhere. Having the right staff, scheduled at the right time, to cover the ebb and flow also requires a lot of overhead resources to facilitate a constant cycle of training.

These factors, and many more, can cause an organization to accept the limitations of their capacity instead of taking advantage of a truly elastic workforce that seamlessly matches customer demand. This is where the simplicity of leveraging GigCX can add significant gains to your bottom line.

GigCX: The On-Demand Customer Support Difference

On-demand GigCX solutions like Agents Only immediately make a difference in customer happiness and corporate profitability.

By only paying per agent engagement and rewarding good performance, organizations can save on overhead while creating a more effective contact center. The immediate scalability of GigCX agents adds significant value over the capacity limitations of BPO or in-house solutions.

Agents Only’s machine learning-backed solution studies your project and promotes it to the most qualified pool of agents based on your criteria. Agents receive automated feedback that also affects their star rated reputation.Each agent is paid based on their per-call performance, as opposed to just their availability and when you include additional performance based incentives the customer experience consistently improves.This solution allows organizations to maintain control over their customer experience by setting KPI goals for each project- such as handle time, hold time, first call resolution, etc.

Here are some eye-opening statistics:

  • 99% of Agents Only calls get answered within 20 seconds or less, whereas a typical BPO averages roughly 80%. That translates to 19% more efficiency, matching the answer speed and instant feedback that today's customer is looking for. 
  • 93% of Agents Only GigCX professionals follow their schedule because the incentives motivate them.
  • The Agents Only GigCX workforce receives 130% higher pay than BPO agents with bonuses of 400% for reaching KPIs. Their higher pay is offset by a huge reduction in overhead which means companies can retain quality agents while still saving a truckload of money.

How to Find the Right GigCX Solution for Customer Support 

Here are the steps and factors for identifying the right GigCX partner for your customer service needs:

Identify your project scope - What are your customer service needs? Clarifying this will help you attract the right talent.

Look for AI-assisted solutions - This allows for scalability since the AI can accurately adjust open agent shift slots based on real-time call demand.

Find solutions with a pay-per-engagement model - Significantly reduce overhead. Seek a GigCX platform where you only pay based on the productive minutes your agents spend on the phone and not hourly, where idle time can eat away at your margins.

Read reviews and statistically-based results - Consider what people say to aid your decision-making. Looking into statistics that represent the solution's performance is also essential. Here are some KPIs you can research:

  • Quality assurance (QA)
  • Average handle-time (AHT)
  • Schedule adherence 
  • Average time to answer 
  • Quality of service (QoS)
  • Response rates 

Instant training - Seek a solution that trains agents as they handle calls, saving you hours of overhead time. 

Solutions that let you control agent incentives - Look for the ability to set KPIs and reward the best-performing agents as they reach them. GigCX should be a delicate balance of outsourcing and control over your workforce and customer experience.

Agents Only: Your #1 Platform to Outsource On-Demand Customer Support 

Agents Only puts businesses of all sizes in the driver's seat with respect to customer satisfaction. It’s the smart way to build an on-demand contact center thanks to the efficiency of accessing trained agents on-demand and no longer having to worry about constant management. In addition, the KPIs and incentives you set creates a team with day-to-day motivation to service your customers well. 

If you want to learn more about the Agents Only difference, request a demo today, and we'll discuss the AI-backed system with you.

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