Achieve greater flexibility and gain control – all at a lower cost

Have you ever questioned why as much as 40% of your contact center costs go to cover site managers, supervisors, quality assurance staff and other roles? We have. Add in facility and technical costs and it adds up even more. At Agents Only, we believe it’s inefficient for so much money to be burned before a single call is made on your behalf.

We can help. We’ve built the Agents Only platform to eliminate contact center inefficiency. We use technology to attract, manage and retain a skilled network of agents, enabling you to select the skills and experience your projects require. Most importantly, our solution is designed so that you only pay for agent handle time. Get the results you want at much lower cost.

Agents Only is a proven partner for contact center operations. Built on top of Amazon Connect, an infinitely scalable, cloud-based platform that has been purpose-built for contact center operations, Agents Only shatters traditional models by dramatically reducing the time from program inception to execution. Through its reliance on thousands of independent agents, and our state-of-the-art performance metrics analysis, we ensure the availability of the skills you need to achieve your program goals. You pay less, and focus on driving the outcomes your business requires. Agents Only utilizes those savings to attract and
retain the market’s best contact center agents.

By using our platform to manage projects and agents, we eliminate massive cost burden associated with facilities and staff management. This model allows us to pay North American agents at rates some 25% above industry average.

This model results in lower attrition as well. With better pay rates, agents can manage and grow their career for the long term and not view the job as a temporary option until something better comes along. With our performance-based pay, we attract and retain better agents that deliver improved results for our clients.

No more excessive overhead costs. No fixed contracts and fees from outsourced suppliers. Only the agents you want, when you need them. It’s how you want to manage your business.

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We help you focus on results

Pay for value

You take control of the factors that cost you money. With our on-demand model, you pay for what you need, when you need it. Nothing more.

Access skilled  performers

Our model is designed to attract and retain better agents through better compensation. Happier, motivated agents directly impact the results of your programs.

Lower your costs

Our proven, cloud-based technology replaces all non-agent labor costs and eliminates the need for costly bricks and mortar contact centers.

Achieve real-time volume elasticity

Our proprietary algorithm enables you to increase or reduce the number of agents working on your
behalf, all according to your EVER-CHANGING needs.