The future is calling.

Agents Only empowers clients and agents to achieve their objectives faster and more cost-effectively. Our platform enables clients and experienced customer service professionals to connect directly in the gig economy.

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Agent Solutions
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We connect your customers with motivated agents who are incentivized to provide the best experience possible.

The future is calling. | Agents Only Technologies Inc | Featured Image

Our revolutionary GigCX platform

Connecting Clients and Agents


Gives you access to a vast array of global contact center talent that scales with your call volume, on-demand and only charges you for their time on the phone.


Gives you complete freedom to work when you want, how long you want, and on the projects you want, so you can earn as much money as you want and get paid daily.

We help you invest some of your overhead savings into giving your customers next-level service.

By putting your projects on our platform, you can cut a significant portion of overhead labor and resource expenses from your budget. Then our AI-assisted tools will make it easy to reinvest some of it into incentivizing agent productivity and performance.

Client Solutions

We help you improve your potential to earn more cash with automated feedback after every call.

Our AI-assisted star rating system provides unbiased analytics after every customer engagement so you know exactly how to adapt your style and technique to exceed client expectations. The higher your score, the more money you'll make. It's just that easy.

Agent Solutions
The future is calling. | Agents Only Technologies Inc | Featured Image

GigCX: A Next generation customer service platform

Our platform allows you to have total control over the types of agents you work with—and agents have total control over which projects they work on.

This mutually beneficial process connects your contact center with highly-qualified professionals from around the world who are motivated and trained to provide the type of customer experience you envision; because their earning potential is directly linked to their performance.

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