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With proven technology, Agents Only empowers clients and agents to achieve their objectives faster and more cost-effectively. For agents, that means making more money on a schedule that makes sense for you. For clients, it means a contact center solution that enables complete volume elasticity and dramatically lower costs.

Motivated agents achieving client objectives. Agents Only reduces the cost and eliminates the hassle of connecting with your customers.

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Nobody benefits from inefficiency

In today’s contact center world, whether in-house or outsourced, inefficiency abounds. Multi-layered
management and supervisory staff add significant costs to the client. Facilities and technical infrastructure add even more. Excessive overhead costs reduce the pay available for agents, which in turn drives turnover and the need for constant recruiting and training.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Agents Only understands the inefficiencies of contact center operations and tackles those costs head-on. With our proven, cloud-based platform, we attract the best agents through pay algorithms and easier schedule management.

We eliminate the need for costly overhead staff and facilities. By providing access to a network of skilled, independent agents, we deliver a model in which you only pay for agent handle time. Whether your objectives are sales, service or customer retention, Agents Only helps you achieve them at dramatically lower cost.

Motivated agents set their own schedules and take on the work they choose. They get immediate feedback on every call and paid directly into their bank account after every shift. All within the Agents Only platform.

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GigCX: Next generation customer service platform

Clients get on-demand access to positive, experienced agents who act as independent service providers. All within the Agents Only platform.

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