Who we are

Ben Block

Ben has 25 years of experience as a global contact center owner and operator. From starting on the phones to owning and eventually selling multiple large sites with thousands of seats in the US, Canada and the Philippines, Ben has gained valuable insight into how to drive strong results and greater efficiency. With strong knowledge of the weaknesses of legacy contact center approaches, he has long believed that technology can be applied to eliminate costly inefficiencies while simultaneously treating agents with the respect they deserve.

Michael Cole

Michael has more than 20 years of experience as a technology entrepreneur and executive. Previously, he was the co-founder and CEO of Picniic, a home hub software platform. Michael also founded and ran Fit Brains, which was acquired by Rosetta Stone. He joined the Rosetta Stone executive team and served as Vice-President and General Manager.

Jeremy Lee

Jeremy has over 17 years of experience building consumer and enterprise software solutions for a variety of markets, including gaming, utilities, telecom, and consumer apps. He has built and led multiple software engineering teams at both startups and enterprise software companies.

Brad Brick

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Proven technology eliminates expensive overhead

These labor savings allow us to pay agents 25–50% more than typical rates. By paying more, we attract the best talent available.

Our attrition rates are also much lower, as our agents are paid enough to treat their job as a career, not just a stopover until something better comes along. These quality, experienced agents are motivated by pay for performance on every call.

All these factors contribute to output far above industry averages. This allows our clients to pay offshore rates for domestic agents. Everyone wins.