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Agents Only Experts Deliver with Top Notch Response Time and Conversion for Campervan Rental.

Breaking Down the Numbers

  • In November 2023, Agents Only took on the challenge of elevating Nationwide Campervan Rentals' customer experience by introducing on-demand solutions, focusing on rapid email responses from seasoned sales and booking consultants.
  • The results were impressive, with an average response time of less than 10 minutes, addressing the needs of both direct booking customers and those from partner channels.
  • Despite the anticipated seasonal fluctuations in campervan rentals, AO Agents surpassed expectations, achieving a remarkable improvement in close rates compared to previous quarters.
  • The alignment in agent and customer outcomes also led to several sales process and positioning changes. 

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Their Challenges

Limited Bookings on a 24/7 booking window: Operating on consumer-facing apps that reward response time with priority listings and preferred status had Nationwide Campervan Rental rated lower than numerous other offers, despite having better inventory and pricing. Focused on staffing the physical rental locations during normal business hours of operation, Nationwide Campervan Rental was unable to cover the 24/7 booking behavior of app users. Adding agents overnight internally or through an outsourcer would be too costly.

Agents Only faced the challenge of ensuring service quality and brand standards with minimal contacts and no forecasting trends. The potential revenue opportunities would never cover the costs of hiring, developing, and retaining skilled sales agents in a traditional environment.

Our Solution

Agents Only utilized their network of seasoned sales experts. Pulling from existing travel and hospitality programs, agents were strategically deployed to cover all intervals daily, ensuring prompt and efficient customer support without adding hourly staffing costs. Agents Only was able to provide Nationwide Campervan Rental with a Pay-for-performance model wherein revenue is shared only on successful bookings. This allowed Nationwide Campervan Rental to hit all of the preferred lister requirements of the app, without over-investing.

This innovative approach facilitated quick, cost-effective onboarding while simultaneously enhancing conversion rates and volume management.  Nationwide Campervan Rental quickly became a preferred lister and began showing up on the first page of all relevant searches.

Agents Only's network of agents added value by leveraging the knowledge gained from previous projects. The sales experts played a crucial role in maintaining consistency by employing best practices in every interaction. Canned responses were enriched with assumptive closes, need-based solutions selling, and a sense of urgency, ensuring a cohesive and effective customer engagement strategy.

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  • Preferred Response Rating <10mins
  • Improved Close Rate
  • Pay for Performance; No Cost for No Booking
  • $30,000+ Revenue Generated

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Improve Performance, Eliminate Overhead

Agents Only not only met but exceeded the expectations, providing Nationwide Campervan Rental with a tailored, high-performance on-demand solution that significantly improved response times and conversion rates.

Be like this fast-growing campervan rental brand on this transformative journey, where simplicity converges with success, and excellence is always on demand.

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