Our core values inspire everything we do every day.

We genuinely care about our agents, employees, contractors, vendors, clients, and their customers. Our passion for progress is manifested in our love for people.

Our Values

Purpose-driven philosophy   ━━━

We are unified by our mission and motivated by a common cause.


Stop Agent Oppression

Agents are people. These service-minded, front-line representatives bear the brunt of back-to-back calls and emotionally charged conversations. Yet, in most countries, they are treated poorly and paid a pittance.

We’re putting a stop to that by giving agents more control over their financial future,  removing the barriers that shackle their independence, and replacing confidence-shattering biases with constructive feedback.


Transform the Industry

Traditional contact centers have always experienced a supply and demand problem, which contributes to a steep decline in the overall service experience and ripples into a retention crisis –from both employees and customers.

We’re disrupting this archaic model’s long history of failure by leveraging GigCX to provide on-demand coverage and cutting-edge technology to incentivize trickle-down loyalty. Happy agents inspire happier customers.


Lead By Example

It’s one thing to talk about systemic problems within the contact center industry and the plight of global inequality as our cause-and-effect origin story, but our entire team of employees and contractors truly believe in this mission.

We’re building a globally influential presence, optimized for the sustainable delivery of consistent on-demand QoS, through a 100% virtual workforce while promoting and encouraging a healthy work-life balance.


Improve Lives

Every human being deserves the opportunity to improve their circumstances, to be treated with dignity, and encouraged to achieve their dreams. Unfortunately, there is a global pandemic of inequality that divides us.

We’re committed to breaking down these walls by providing agents with a completely virtual, semi-autonomous working environment filled with endless possibilities and positive reinforcement.


Automate Overhead

Contact center profit margins have always been handicapped by overhead. Perpetuating an endless cycle of recruiting and training to offset turnover and expensive supervisory staff who overtax their teams.

We’re changing the game with AI-assisted training, Machine Language oversight, and algorithmic quality control that eliminates excess while greatly improving the customer’s experience, which improves loyalty and ROI.


Reward Performance

Contact centers have been around since the late 1950s. Yet are still relegated to focusing more on filling seats than fulfilling satisfactory service because long wait times suffocate intention and ignite frustration universally.

We’re solving the on-demand scalability problem with the inherently elastic GigCX workforce and concentrating our entire business model around improving the customer experience by monetizing agents’ QoS.

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