Pay for performance,
not availability

Only pay us when your agents are actively engaged with your customers and invest the savings to incentivise a higher quality experience. Your bottom line will thank you.

Client Solutions
Control Agent Performance

Control agent performance   ━━━

Only pay for agent productive minutes and none of the extra expenses your competitors do.


Traditional BPO

The most common call center model pays agent’s by the hour, pays team leads to improve performance, pays managers to supervise, and pays for additional labor to cover breaks and surges.


Agents Only

The AO call center model allows you to pay on-demand agents by the minute, only for their productive time directly engaged with customers, and at a rate that rewards performance.


Save Up To 60%

Our customers are recording a game-changing reduction in overall call center costs by about 60% after switching to Agent’s Only.

Our innovative GigCX platform helps you improve quality of service with significantly less overhead expense and better visibility.

Paying agents per productive minute helps you combat inefficiencies by incentivizing them to learn faster, take the initiative, and make a positive impression on every customer.

Top performers earn more money per call and want to preserve their earning potential by maintaining a consistently high star-rating after each one. Newer and lower performing agents get AI-assisted, real-time constructive feedback on how to improve.

You get to watch all the automated action from a digital dashboard like you’ve never seen before.

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