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Considerably reduce contact center costs while radically improving customer relations. How? Just leverage the gig economy with our proprietary performance-enhancing platform.

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What is GigCX?

Enhance customer experience   ━━━

Change your perspective to improve your visibility, capability, and profitability.

What is GigCX?

Gig Customer Service is the evolution of contact center engagements. As explained by a McKinsey & Company article, GigCX replaces costly in-house staff (and all their resources) or expensive outsourced providers, with the rapidly expanding universe of global freelance talent.

This exceptionally cost-effective Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) model seamlessly connects qualified agents, from just about any geographic location, with customers through a secure online platform. Recruiting and training become a virtually automated process and with Agents Only’s unique AI-assisted enhancements, quality of service can be easily measured and compensated.

Companies of all sizes are quickly adopting GigCX as the means to cut costs while improving service.

Why follow when you can lead?

Let your competitors waste their money on bulky contact center overhead and subpar customer engagement. It’s not their fault that you decided to spend yours on improving conversion and retention with our AI-assisted solution. 


Scale on-demand

Pay only for the time your agents are engaged with your customers, your way. 24x7, no minimums, no maximums, no overhead, no surprises -  guaranteed.


Spend less to make more

Reallocate the money you are wasting from auxiliary resources and oversight expenses to increasing your traffic and incentivizing agent performance.


Source the right talent

Recruit the specialists you need from around the world to service your customers wherever they are and provide a 5-star experience.

Hybrid Outsourcing with Agents Only

Our game-changing platform gives you better visibility and more control with significantly less overhead. You can scale on-demand with a smaller footprint, increase agent productive minutes without human supervision, and improve your quality of service with AI-assisted tools. Choose the hybrid model that works best for you and we will help you transition to full GigCX at your own pace.

Legacy Approach

Cost/Production Hour/Agent

Agents Only
Agent 50% Employees. Paid for full hour, whether in handle time or idle time Independent Contractors

Pay only for handle time


Site Management

HR & Recruiters

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Supervisors & Trainers

40% Large org structure to manage tasks which can be delivered by technology Eliminate majority of org structure / maintain project manager
Facilities 10% Costs incurred regardless of utilization Agents work remotely

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