Stop paying for agent downtime

Our platform incentivizes agent performance and productivity, not their availability. When they aren’t on the phone you’re not being charged.

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Control Agent Accountability

Control agent accountability   ━━━

We make it easy to focus on your quality of service without stressing over scheduling.

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Agent Productive Minutes

How many hours per week are you losing to agent breaks and idle time? Our platform automatically fills in the gaps, so calls get answered, and you only pay for productive minutes.

Pay for the engagement

If agents are compensated for just showing up, there is little incentive to give the best customer experience but when they are paid per engagement, their quality of service skyrockets.

Cut out the overhead

Too much auxiliary labor goes into managing the schedule, monitoring productivity, and maintaining effective service but when agents are self-regulated, they need less supervision.

Flex with the volume

Your call volume may ebb and flow but when you are stuck with a traditional fixed labor cost it’s difficult to budget for peak surges. Our platform helps you scale on-demand, in real-time.

Increase productivity.
Improve performance.

Our innovative AI-powered, GigCX platform significantly reduces hold times while incentivizing agents to provide a remarkable customer experience.

Since you will only pay for your agent's time on the phone we make it easy to invest more into performance-enhancing incentives that can be automatically distributed every time specific metrics have been met.

This excitingly competitive model makes working more enjoyable for your agents because they are compensated, in real-time, for exceeding expectations. The frequent acknowledgments and accurate unbiased analytics encourage a next-level experience for your customers.

Don’t waste another minute

Agent’s Only lets you manage the KPIs and compensation algorithm so you can attract and retain top performers while ensuring every minute adds value. 

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