Futureproof your business with real-time elasticity

Customers want to reach you when it's most convenient for them and our platform allows you to scale your agents up or down, on-demand, in real-time.

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Control Capacity Scaling

Control volume elasticity   ━━━

Having an elastic call center allows you to load balance on-demand.

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Idle Time

When your call volume is slower, agents can simply redirect to other projects or take breaks when they choose. Best of all, since you are only paying for an Agent’s Productive Minutes their downtime doesn’t cost you anything.

Peak Time

Long wait times can frustrate and deter customers away from your business. Agents Only allows you to set up surge pay incentives that draw agents to your project immediately—letting you fill empty seats with live, on-demand, agents whenever you need them.

Surge Protection

Trying to estimate the labor needs for fluctuating call volumes is a meticulous blend of science, art, and experience. But the Agents Only AI-assisted GigCX platform provides an elastic workforce for your business with real-time access to on-demand agents during a surge—without taking a hit to your bottom line when the volume drops.

The elastic workforce advantage is yours

Our platform attracts and retains top-performing contact center talent from around the world. You can filter candidates by location, star-rating, experience, and many other key metrics that are important to your business.

Having on-demand access to this vast supply of diverse human resources allows you to scale as big or small as you need, on the fly, in real-time, without wasting any money on recruiting.

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