Our mission is to empower agent autonomy with advanced technology.

We are all about our global community of GigCx agents and have developed one of the world’s leading contact center platforms to help them improve their lives. In turn, our clients benefit from the result of happier people serving their customers.

Our Mission

Cause and Effect   ━━━

We are hyperfocused on helping oppressed agents around the world improve their lives.

Our Vision:

By 2026, our platform will host over 200,000 global agents through the commitment of our partners and employees in 9 countries.

Our Guiding Principals

  • We inspire agents with respect.
  • We support agent independence through innovation.
  • We enhance agents' job experience through automation.
  • We provide agents with opportunities to earn higher pay.
  • We enable agents to control their work-life balance.

Our Purpose:

We will leverage the most cutting-edge technology to successfully match GigCX agents with the right projects, minimize friction between agents and clients, and reward agents for providing the best customer experience in the industry.

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