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The traditional contact center model is inherently flawed because capacity limits capability. Our platform removes that obstacle and any other excuses.

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RIP traditional rules   ━━━

Don’t hate the player, change the game. We did.

Platform Pioneers

Our proprietary contact center platform leverages a vast network of experienced GigCX agents and automates QoS management with cutting-edge technology. We connect clients to top talent on-demand while using AI to train and incentivize their ability to serve customers better than in-house teams.

Industry Innovators

Contact Centers have been around for over 60 years, and despite many technological advancements, traditional methods have never been able to flex on demand. That is until GigCX flipped the industry upside down. Agents Only created a new model that motivates the Gig through instant compensation to provide world-class CX consistently.

Revenue Revolutionaries

A contact center’s bottom line has always been adversely affected by overhead. Unproductive agent time, layers of oversight labor and exorbitant resource costs drastically reduce profit margins. Not to mention lost revenue from capacity limitations. We’re changing the game by eliminating all of that.

Why Agents Only?

Because we are exceptionally good at putting our money where our mouth is.


Our Experience

We are a state-of-the-art technology company led by contact center experts with decades of C-level to floor-level hands-on operational experience.


Our Influence

We’ve built an extensive community of global contact center talent excited to work on our platform because we offer limitless earning potential.


Our Culture

We are a family, virtually connected in a 100% work-from-home dynamic, unified through our mission to improve agent lives and cut client costs.

Technology Overview

Imagine for a moment...

Seasoned contact center agents, experienced in just about every type of industry, could find projects that resonate with them, work as many hours as they wanted, whenever they wanted, and earn more money than any traditional model could offer.

Simultaneously, contact center clients from just about every type of industry could post their projects, incentivize performance, and eliminate almost all overhead expenses while having more visibility and control over volume and QoS than any traditional model could offer.

Now, stop imagining…

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