National Pizza Chain Brand

When the pandemic caused them to pivot, our platform outperformed their expectations.


  • The 2020-2022 Covid-19 pandemic caused unexpected labor shortages across almost every industry. And although restaurants were considered “essential” they were some of the most affected.
  • National pizza chains started outsourcing their calls to traditional BPO contact centers but instead of sacrificing food quality, it was the overall customer experience that took the hit.
  • Many Quick-Service Restaurants (QSRs) struggled to take phone orders, which was their main source of revenue. This led to sacrificing quality to balance the workload.
  • One pizza chain, however, decided to diverge from the pack and try a different approach.

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Their Challenges

The 2020-2022 Covid-19 pandemic created significant staffing issues for businesses around the world as countries went into lock-down. The Food and Beverage industry was one of the most affected and had to adapt quickly to avoid unparalleled losses. By Q4-2021, a significant labor deficit left quick-service restaurants in desperate need of an innovative solution.

One of these QSRs, a national pizza chain, faced 3 distinct challenges:

  1. They didn’t have enough in-house staff to answer the phone for delivery orders.
  2. They couldn't utilize kitchen staff without negatively impacting quality of service.
  3. They weren’t able handle the call volume which spiked during lunch and dinner hours.

Our Solution

They opted for an on-demand GigCX workforce to address call volume spikes. This model, allowed them to only pay for productive minutes (time on the phone with paying customers).

Agents Only gave them an additional competitive advantage with their AI-assisted star rating system. This helped teach agents how to adjust through feedback after every call and incentivised them to improve performance because they got paid more the higher their score.

This game-changing solution allowed them to handle the ebb and flow of their call volume and surges during peak business hours while maintaining the service standards and culture their customers expected.

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The QSR is so pleased with these results that they are adding 100 new stores to our platform every week. By Q4-2022, they will be expanding our coverage globally where our multilingual solution will serve them well.

Be like this fast-growing national pizza chain brand on this transformative journey, where simplicity converges with success, and excellence is always on demand.

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Improve Performance, Eliminate Overhead

Agents Only offers the unprecedented, game-changing, competitive advantage of significantly improving customer service while scaling in real time to meet any call demand, through automating almost all overhead responsibilities.

This means better metrics, improved visibility, higher quality, and consistent service levels to improve revenue while cutting many unnecessary expenses.

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