Fast Growing Shoe E-Commerce Brand

Agents Only Platform streamlined the shoe e-commerce brand's global operations, resulting in improved customer satisfaction with on-demand service.

Breaking Down the Numbers

  • Hundreds of Hours of time saved for Ops Leadership
  • Unprecedented Customer Satisfaction - CSAT of 4.64
  • No Customer Waited - 100% Response Rate
  • 100,000+  Data points analyzed to create AI CSAT, Brand, and Resolution
  • Quality Analysis on tickets from 1% to 100%

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Their Challenges

The E-commerce brand faced the seasonal challenge of increased demand for its innovative footwear, requiring a solution that could rapidly scale resources without escalating costs.

The brand’s leadership already managed a global customer support workforce, including recruiting, contracting, scheduling, and paying agents, which demanded substantial time.

The same leaders are also tasked with overseeing e-commerce strategies, customer support management, product design, and marketing initiatives.

When unexpected issues arise, particularly during seasonal spikes, these valuable resources risk becoming sidetracked, diverting attention from critical areas like customer engagement and product innovation.

Our Solution

Agents Only introduced an on-demand model, streamlining the brand's staffing needs by providing skilled agents precisely when required.

Upfront company’s leadership saved hours by utilizing the Agents Only platform's network of existing experienced agents, rather than directly recruiting their own.

The E-commerce brand integrated the gig workforce into their existing customer support team without the need for any changes in training or operational processes, all while gaining access to self-led agent tools for scheduling, coaching, and compensation.

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  • The brand's integration with the Agents Only Platform led to significant efficiencies: the operations team saved hundreds of hours.
  • Customer satisfaction reached new heights with a CSAT score of 4.64, and a 100% response rate for emails and chats meant no customer was left waiting.
  • The AI's analysis of hundreds of thousands of data points enhanced quality control, expanding ticket reviews from 1% to 100%, ensuring top-tier service in every interaction.
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Improve Performance, Eliminate Overhead

Agents Only Platform streamlined the shoe E-commerce brand's global operations, resulting in improved customer satisfaction with on-demand service. Customers experienced no delays, and the large modern shoe E-commerce brand's core team could focus without seasonal disruptions.

Agents Only’s platform automation, integration, and simplicity saved valuable time for operations leadership.

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