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When customer demand exceeded their capacity, Agents Only pulled up the slack.


  • About 20% of all web traffic for hotel booking services transition into phone calls to check for unpublished deals, and confirm, change, or cancel reservations.
  • Most hotel booking services engage traditional BPO contact centers to handle their calls or the overflow from in-house teams. But daily spikes and surges routinely exceed capacity well beyond acceptable limits.
  • Our hotel booking client receives between 1.5M-2M website visits per month which translates to about 300,000 - 400,000 calls per month or about 10,000 - 13,300 calls per day.
  • Not wanting competitors to pick up their lost calls, our client chose to rely on Agents Only’s scalable on-demand solution. The results were astounding.

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Their Challenges

The Hospitality Industry has distinct seasons that peak for 3-months during the summer and recede for 5-months during winter. Traditional BPO contact centers are unable to scale up quickly to handle call spikes and back down to reduce overhead. Contact center agents are typically paid by the hour and praised for how many calls they answer with little reward for conversion.

Our hotel booking site sought to overcome 3 specific obstacles:

  1. Volume consistently exceeded capacity resulting in missed calls, long wait times, unhappy customers and lost bookings.
  2. BPO contact centers were unable to adequately handle
seasonal surges or scale up and down to match the ebb
and flow of call patterns.
  3. Call conversions were lower than anticipated because agents were motivated by the quantity taken instead of the quality given.

Our Solution

They realized that in order to exceed industry norms, they needed to break away from the conventional model. Doing the same thing everyone else was doing led to the same limitations.

Agents Only offered a revolutionary solution that addressed both scalability and conversion. Their elastic GigCX workforce could flex up and down on-demand, and their AI-assisted training and quality assurance tools managed performance much better than traditional supervisors.

This ceiling-busting partnership allowed them to far exceed their target goals with a new competitive advantage to leverage for disrupting the market and getting a bigger piece of the proverbial pie.

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Our Hotel Booking client is astounded by the results and is working with our project management team to successfully align our workforce elasticity with their new advertising efforts. Their new goal is for Agents Only to shatter the current 23% industry conversion ceiling. We’re all about setting new records.

Be like this fast-growing hotel booking brand on this transformative journey, where simplicity converges with success, and excellence is always on demand.

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Improve Performance, Eliminate Overhead

Agents Only offers the unprecedented, game-changing, competitive advantage of significantly improving customer service while scaling in real time to meet any call demand, through automating almost all overhead responsibilities.

This means better metrics, improved visibility, higher quality, and consistent service levels to improve revenue while cutting many unnecessary expenses.

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