Gorgias Integration

Gorgias Integration

This is a guide on how to integrate your data into the Agents Only platform, using Gorgias. There are 3 main components involved: Instance ID, REST API and HTTP Integration.

Setup Reminders

  1. Instance ID needs to be filled in, before the REST API Test can be done.
  2. The REST API Test needs to pass in order to save the Integrations setup.
  3. Pay Type needs to be selected.
  4. In the HTTP Integration section, you will need to click on the "Generate" button when you first setup the integration.

Instance ID

Your Instance ID is how Agents Only identifies your contacts and must be configured in your Client Portal.

In Gorgias, your Instance ID is simply the subdomain of your Gorgias account.

Example URL :  https://yourdomain.gorgias.com/app/home

In this case the subdomain which is yourdomain would be the Instance ID, which you would enter into the Client Portal

Instance ID


To find your Gorgias Username and Password:

      1. In Gorgias, go to Settings -> REST API


      2. In the Agents Only Client Portal, copy the username and password to the Integrations page


HTTP Integration

  1. In Gorgias, go to Settings -> HTTP Integration
  2. Click Add HTTP Integration
HTTP Integration
  1. Integration name: Agents Only Integration
  2. Description: Real-time data feed for Agents Only
  3. Triggers: Ticket updated
  4. URL: https://api.agentsonly.com/integrations/gorgias
  5. HTTP Method: POST
  6. Request content type: application/json (unchanged)
  7. Response content type: application/json (unchanged)
  8. Click Add Header
    1. Key: (Copy from Client Portal)
    2. Value: (Copy from Client Portal)
  9. Request Body (JSON): Send the entire ticket/message JSON
  10. Click ‘Add Integration’
HTTP Integration

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