Gorgias Integration

Gorgias Integration

This is a guide on how to integrate your data into the Agents Only platform, using Gorgias.

Gorgias Setup

Go to Settings page to access Gorgias instance

Click All apps and type “agentsonly” in the search box.

Click on the app, then click the “Connect App” button

Our system needs to access the Gorgias instance, so you will need to click “Authorize

Client Portal Setup

When the setup has been completed in Gorgias, login to Agents Only Client Portal and click on Integrations tab. Select Gorgias from the dropdown.

Client Portal Setup

Finding your Instance ID

Your Instance Id is how Agents Only identifies your contacts and must be configured in your Client Portal.

In Gorgias, your Instance ID is simply the subdomain of your Gorgias account, for example: https://agentsonly.gorgias.com/app/home

Type the Gorgias subdomain (Instance ID) and select the appropriate “Agent Sync” setting for your project.

Client Portal Setup

Click on the “Save changes” button so that our system will be able to connect the project and Gorgias instance.


If the project has already used Gorgias before and will switch to Gorgias app:

1. Check Gorgias side HTTP integration

If  “ao-integration” already exists, it needs to be deleted (this is because if the project was connected before, our system won’t reconnect until saving different Gorgias subdomain.) 

2. Save different Gorgias subdomain (e.g. 11111-test, any name works) 

3. Set proper Gorgias subdomain and save it again.

Syncing Gorgias users to Agents Only

After the Agents Only Gorgias app is installed, each Agent will need their own Gorgias account.

Once an Agent has applied to your Agents Only Project, they will appear as ‘Pending’ in the Agents tab.

When you have decided to approve an Agent, you will need to create an Gorgias account for them (https://docs.gorgias.com/en-US/add-new-users-196943 )

In the Client Portal, find the Agent in the Agents tab. Their status will be ‘Pending’. Click on the Training button and a dialog will appear prompting you for the Agent’s Gorgias email. Enter the email address then click submit.

Once the Agent has completed training, you can click on the Approve button to move them to Approved so that they can start handling contacts.

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