What Makes an AO GigCX Superhero?

October 18, 2022
A woman standing confidently with the shadow on the wall behind her depicting a superhero, symbolizing inner strength and empowerment.

Sometimes it’s difficult to sit back and let the facts speak for themselves. As salespeople, we’re constantly trying to tell a story or come up with an anecdote to highlight a point. Such is the case when we’re asked about what separates Agents Only from our competition. The answer is twofold - technology and people. But explaining this to a potential client takes us down two very different roads.

The technology conversation is easier. After all, there is a tangible piece of software that can be used to guide a prospect (i.e. the AO Platform). It doesn’t take very long for clients to begin to understand the results they can achieve because they can see it with their own eyes. It’s binary. Platform inputs on the client portal drive behaviors and the outputs on the agent portal. There doesn’t need to be a big story wrapped in this conversation. Usually the demo does the storytelling for us.

It is a little more difficult to explain the second part of our differentiator - our agents. We tend to go into storytelling mode more quickly because the human stories are so powerful and motivating. After all, the agent experience is core to our mission statement. These are the people that are on the front lines delivering results to our clients, and their stories are definitely worth telling. As salespeople, it’s difficult to back off of these stories and just let the facts speak for themselves. But often our clients just want to be told the facts. What are the agent demographics? Who are these people, what do they do, and what do they specialize in?

So we’ll let the facts speak for themselves. Agent superheroes at Agents Only are built as follows:

Contact Center Tenure

  • Average tenure is over 3 years 
  • 50% have more than 5 years of experience
  • 65% of our Agents have performed roles as SME, Tier2, Tier3 or B2B
  • 40% of our Agents have held, or currently hold, Supervisor or higher positions

Vertical Experience

  • Average Agent has experience in at least 2 verticals; contact types

Contact Type Experience

  • 100% of Agents have experience in voice; customer service
  • 66% of Agents have experience with a typing-based contact method

Agent Skill – Customer Support Type

  • 100% of Agents have experience in customer service
  • 90% of Agents have experience in Sales or Technical Support; in addition to Customer Service
  • > 50% of Agents have done work directly for a client in a freelance set up

Workplace Preference

  • 10% of Agents would be willing to work onsite; 90% prefer to work from home 

Reasons for Joining AO

When rating their top reason for joining Agents Only, Agents top reasons were: 

  • Be Your Own Boss (no direct supervisor/politics) 
  • Work From Home 
  • Pay for Performance 
  • Flexible Schedule

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