You’re Invited

Please accept my invitation to the V3 Beta trial of our revolutionary GigCX platform. It will radically improve your contact center margins, immediately.

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I am only reaching out to a select group of executives who I believe would be perfect candidates for our V3 soft launch. Your profile suggests that our game-changing GigCX platform would save your company a lot of money while improving your contact center’s QoS and giving you much more control over agent productivity and performance.

That’s why I would like to give you a hands-on, practical demonstration through this exclusive, risk-free, no-obligation 90-day trial. The only cost will be a flat $5 per productive-agent-hour.

After a brief 15-20 minute video call with me to overview how Agent's Only can help you achieve your contact center goals, I'll introduce you to an account manager who will be your liaison with our production team. As an early adopter, your input and feedback will pave the way for upgrades and additional features. But this is a limited-time offer that expires on September 15.

Meet with Me to Learn More

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Why You’ve Been Selected

  • Your contact center is paying too much for agent labor, supervisory labor, tech tools, and other resources while also trying to mitigate dead loss from idle time and breaks.
  • Your contact center cannot adequately meet demand during peak seasons or call surges which increases wait times and diminishes the quality of each engagement.
  • Your contact center is struggling to recruit and retain enough butts in seats to make QoS the primary KPI, and scheduling is a never-ending nightmare.

Your contact center could solve all these problems with our GigCX platform.

GigCX = Gig-Based Customer Service

Allows you to replace (or augment) your expensive in-house contact center agents, and all of their resources, with the ever-expanding universe of global freelance talent. 

Our Industry-Leading Platform

Agent's Only has pioneered the next generation of Contact Center management with its revolutionary performance enhancing, productivity increasing, cost cutting, on-demand scaling, GigCX platform. 

BPO providers like you can gain this exceptionally competitive advantage by utilizing our platform to serve your customers with an elastic global workforce that can adjust, on-the-fly, to match your call volume.

How This Benefits Your Business

  • Significantly Reduced Labor Costs
  • Zero Overhead or Idle-Time Expenses
  • On-Demand Scalability in Real-Time
  • Increased Visibility and Control of KPIs
  • AI-Assisted Performance Management
  • Machine Language Enhanced QoS
  • Inherent Rapid-Deploy Training Program
  • Attract and Retain Top Performers
  • Instant Access to Specialized Talent
  • Customized Productivity Incentives

The GigCX Paradigm Shift

  • Traditional brick-and-mortar contact centers are costly, overhead-intensive relics that offer limited flexibility and unlimited stress.
  • Modern-day virtual contact centers are more fiscally adaptable and have evolved to ebb and flow with capacity but lack control over quality.
  • Our GigCX platform allows you to service customers with the highest level of incentivized performance while only paying per engagement.

Our V3 soft launch invitation is only valid through September 15th, 2022, and/or whenever we fill the 10 spots we’ve allocated for this exclusive risk-free, no-obligation 90-day trial. The only cost to you will be a flat $5 per productive-agent-hour (only pay when they are on the phone). 

And after the trial… Once you’ve moved your projects to our platform with the help of our production team, you will already be established, which means all setup fees will be waived, and onboarding logistics will be behind you. Just keep reaping the benefits at our regular rate, which will be the biggest savings and best decision you ever made.

Meet with Me to Learn More

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