Agents Only Rescues National Pizza Chain

When the pandemic caused them to pivot, our platform outperformed their expectations.


  • The 2020-2022 Covid-19 pandemic caused unexpected labor shortages across almost every industry. And although restaurants were considered “essential” they were some of the most affected.
  • National pizza chains started outsourcing their calls to traditional BPO contact centers but instead of sacrificing food quality, it was the overall customer experience that took the hit.
  • Many Quick-Service Restaurants (QSRs) struggled to take phone orders, which was their main source of revenue. This led to sacrificing quality to balance the workload.
  • One pizza chain, however, decided to diverge from the pack and try a different approach.

Agents Only Case Study: National Pizza Chain - Featured ImageThe future is calling. | Agents Only Technologies Inc | Featured Image
Agents Only Case Study: National Pizza Chain - Featured Image

Their Challenges

Cities and towns around the world went into lock-down which caused a surge in demand for food delivery services. But finding people who wanted to “go to work” was nearly impossible.

With the absence of adequate staff to both take the orders and make the food, one national pizza chain chose to change their perspective to solve the problem.

They could see their competitors’ subpar results from outsourcing calls to traditional BPO contact centers. And wanted to maintain their “personal touch” without exception.

Our Solution

Agents Only offered a solution that was truly “out of the box”. A seemingly unlimited workforce that could scale on-demand, in real time while maintaining a high level of “personal touch” customer service yet without any overhead to train or manage them.

But the proof came within 6 months of transitioning test stores to our platform.

Since GigCX was a revolutionary concept for QSRs, Agents Only opted to start with a traditional BPO model, using old-school KPIs. After 90-days our QSR was ready to try a hybrid approach to A/B test both models. Three months later, we transitioned them to full-gig and the results were astounding.

Agents Only Case Study: National Pizza Chain - Featured Image


After onboarding more than 350 agents per week, which is 250% more than traditional BPOs can do, our GigCX workforce answered 99% of calls within 20 seconds, with an astounding 99% adherence to customer experience standards which earned a 10% higher average ticket price.

We not only crushed the competition, but helped our QSR lead the way for long-term global domination.

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Improve Performance, Eliminate Overhead

Agents Only offers the unprecedented, game-changing, competitive advantage of significantly improving customer service while scaling in real time to meet any call demand, through automating almost all overhead responsibilities.

This means better metrics, improved visibility, higher quality, and consistent service levels to improve revenue while cutting many unnecessary expenses.

Wouldn’t you like to be our next success story?

Agents Only Case Study: National Pizza Chain - Featured Image

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